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Text Box: 15 Point Service and Diagnosis
	1.	Check Thermostat.
	2.	Clean Filters, Replace Disposable Filters
	3.	Clean Burners If Needed
	4.	Check Heat Exchanger For Cracks
	5.	Adjust Burners For Optimum Efficiency
	6.	Check Flue Pipe
	7.	Check For Gas Leaks At Furnace
	8.	Check Belts And Adjust Tension
	9.	Lubricate All Moving Parts
	10.	Check Pressure Regulator
	11.	Check And Adjust All Safety Controls
	13.	Check Air Flow
	14.	Inspect Humidifier
	15.	Adjust Heat Anticipator

Text Box: Furnace Service Tune Up $85.00
Each Additional System $55.00

Text Box:   Furnaces now come with a high efficiency blower motor. These motors decrease the amount of electricity used while the furnace is operating and increase the efficiency of your
Air Conditioner in the summer. The blower compartment is completely enclosed now for a better airtight seal. This means that the filter is now installed external to the furnace which means easier access. You no longer have to remove doors off the furnace to change your filter.

Text Box:   Furnaces have efficiencies up to 95%